Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reading Hour with Microsoft Word

You have a lengthy document to read, say 175 pages, and you;ll be scrolling your mouse from page to page and that process will get tedious after awhile, and before you know it, you've lost track on which page that you were on!

Word actually makes reading pages of content easy for you, below is a screen print of a document (ebook more like it) which consists of 175 pages, I have zoomed out the view so that you can see the first few pages :

Before you panic, let's click on the View tab, and in the Show/Hide group, I have hovered my mouse on Document Map to see what the screen tip tells us.

Put a tick (/) in the Document Map checkbox, and a side panel appears on the left with all the headings specified in the document listed for easy navigation across the pages, just by clicking on the intended topics/titles.

Another option would be to go to the Contents page (table of contents) and you can navigate there as well by pressing on the Ctrl key + topic in the Contents.

Refer to the bottom right of the document, there is a 'Full Screen Reading' layout option there, click on that.

This is how the reading mode looks like, and you can adjust some of the 'View Options' as seen here :
To go from page to page, click on the arrow at the bottom sides of the pages, just like flipping a page!
Happy reading! :)

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