Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Outlook as your personal diary

In Outlook, we can put in tasks for ourselves, and here I have created an example - just fill up the dates, priority, the status and completion percentage :

It will appear in the Task List below your calendar.

Ok, now I have dragged the task to the time slot 2pm and extended it all the way to 5pm. When right-clicked, you can see that this slot has been set to 'Busy'.

Now I need to create an appointment so that I remember about the dinner with friends tonight:
I don't want my other colleagues who share my calendar to see personal appointments like these, that's why I have set this appointment as 'Private' by clicking on the padlock icon on top.

Here's a view of my shared calendar from my colleague Michelle's Outlook (notice my dinner appointment is displayed as 'Private Appointment') :

Outlook's calendar caters for appointments, tasks, and also make your private ones stay private :)

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